How to Cancel a Field & Stream Buyer's Edge Membership

You can cancel your membership in three ways:

  • Log in to Field & Stream Buyer's Edge and click on My Profile tab. Then click the "Thinking of cancelling your membership?" link, and follow the instructions provided.

  • To cancel by phone, you can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at (866) 361-5438.

  • You can also email us your request by using our Contact Us form.

The final date that you can access your membership benefits and your final billing charge will vary depending on your membership term and your cancellation date:

  • If you cancel during your risk-free trial period, you won’t see any membership fees charged to your credit or debit card account. Your access to membership benefits will end as soon as you cancel your trial membership.
  • If you cancel after your trial period, you won’t see any membership fees charged to your account after the date of your cancellation request. All cancellation requests are effective immediately, so there is no need to worry about giving a notice. You can continue to access your member benefits through the final day of the last 30-day period for which you paid a membership fee.

Your Field & Stream Buyer's Edge membership will automatically renew each month; you must contact the program to cancel your membership.

No matter how or when you do so, cancelling your Field & Stream Buyer's Edge membership is hassle-free: Field & Stream Buyer's Edge won’t make any attempt to talk you out of your decision to cancel.